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About Us

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Our Story

Young CPA & Consulting joined forces in 2021 to bring diversified value to companies large and small. We knew we could partner to bring incredible value to our clients. While we're two very different people with vastly different roles, we find common ground in values and approach to business.

Treat folks with respect and kindness. Make their operation run more effectively and efficiently. Shoot them straight and care enough to walk it out with them. Are you ready for that?

Our Approach

With more than 20 years experience in the financial industry, from start ups to large scale government entities, Michelle Young has seen a lot. She values the details and holds fast to sound financial principles. Her impeccable ethics bolster a creative-centric approach to bringing real value to every she gets to work with.

Rick Young sees your resources different. His mind is calculating potential threats and opportunities to leverage simultaneously – he sees future for you and your team. After years driving optimized practices, his focus on organizational leadership means putting the right butts in the right seats... in the better seats.

Creative Office

Our Mission

We provide the highest level of service and creative-driven solutions. Drawing from a deep well of experience, our approach combines heartfelt care with tactical steps meant to propel your business forward.

We know that potential for a simpler, more effective plan is a conversation away. Whether we help with the numbers on sheets or the people in seats, Young CPA & Consulting can make your sacrifices in business worth it.

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